Celestine and Tara are partnering with Harambee Church in seattle, which is part of Soma Communities a 501c3 organization .  If you want to make Donations to CryOut! by check, please make payable to Cry Out! and mail to:

316 S 3rd Street
Renton WA 98057

If you are interested in giving a special gift or monthly to CryOut! through a Credit Card or an e-check you can do that  by clicking the Donate button below (Note that the processing fees are much higher for credit card than e-check, so your contribution wil go further if you’re able to give via e-check).

All gifts are considered a tax deductible contribution for federal and state purposes.

We are very thankful for those who believe in our vision and support us financially.  If you  have further questions, feel free to contact us at anytime on:



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